Custom Software Development

Customization service increase the benefits originally offered by United Software Solutions and raise the adherence level of the customer’s solution to higher level.
The customization's are developed by highly qualified professionals specialized in United Software Solutions systems, and who understand their architecture and execution. All of this knowledge guarantees security and peace-of-mind in meeting the specific needs of the customer.

Application Customization

alignment possible with the company’s practices and with its business model, thus it is normal for a one-off customization application to appear at a certain moment. Regarding applications developed for the market, the occurrence of requests to meet specific demands are relatively common. To offer a product that is embedded with all the business knowledge perfected in hundreds of implementations worldwide and, at the same time, provide an option for instantly meeting the one-off and important needs of adaptation, United Software Solutions offers the Application Customization service. A specialized technical team which knows every detail of the United Software Solutions systems performs the changes demanded by the customer’s process. Many of these changes represent high added value for the product as a whole, but cannot wait for the release of a new software version. Using tools developed in alignment with the most up to date technologies, activities such as the addition of fields, screens, buttons for triggering external actions, new menu options, among others, are performed quickly and within the highest degree of stability.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexibility in meeting new demands
  • Immediate delivery of customized requests which would normally have to wait for a new product version.
  • Adaptation of system to adhere to the customer’s business processes and model.

Main Activities

  • Compile customized technical specification to be developed (evaluate force, impact, options, etc.).
  • Implement the specified customization's in the system.
  • Make the customization's performed available in the customer’s environment.

Main Deliverable's

  • Technical specification of the items to be customized.
  • Documentation to explain the customization performed
  • Customization installed in the customer’s environment.