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AgriTrace is an innovative agro traceability software designed to revolutionise the agriculture industry in Bangladesh. Our comprehensive software suite provides end-to-end traceability solutions for aquaculture, livestock, poultry, and crop management. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, AgriTrace empowers farmers to streamline their operations, optimise resource utilisation, and ensure food safety and transparency throughout the value chain.

Key Features:


1.1 AquaTrace:
  • Water quality monitoring: Track and analyse water quality parameters to ensure optimal conditions for aquaculture.
  • Feed management: Manage and optimise feeding schedules and quantities for improve health and growth.
  • Disease control: Monitor and prevent diseases through early detection and effective disease management protocols.
  • Harvest planning: Plan and schedule harvests to maximise efficiency and meet market demands.
  • End-to-end traceability: Track the journey of seafood products from hatchery to market, ensuring transparency and quality assurance. 
1.2 LivestockTrace:
  • Animal health monitoring: Keep a close eye on livestock health, detect early signs of diseases, and facilitate prompt treatment.
  • Nutrition management: Optimize feed formulations and monitor feed consumption to enhance animal productivity.
  • Breeding management: Efficiently manage breeding cycles, track genetic data, and improve breeding outcomes.
  • Vaccination tracking: Record and track vaccinations to ensure herd immunity and prevent disease outbreaks.
  • Productivity analytics: Gain insights into livestock performance and make data-driven decisions to maximise productivity. 
1.3 PoultryTrace:
  • Flock health monitoring: Monitor poultry health indicators, detect potential diseases, and implement preventive measures.
  • Feed management: optimise feed formulations and monitor feed consumption for optimal poultry growth and nutrition.
  • Production planning: efficiently plan and manage production cycles, ensuring consistent supply to meet market demands.
  • Biosecurity protocols: Implement and track biosecurity measures to minimise the risk of disease transmission.
  • Traceability and quality control: Track poultry products from farm to market, ensuring traceability and adherence to quality standards. 
1.4 CropTrace:
  • Real-time crop monitoring: Monitor crop growth, detect pest and disease infestations, and implement timely interventions.
  • Irrigation scheduling: Optimize water usage through intelligent irrigation scheduling based on crop needs and weather conditions.
  • Harvest planning: Plan and schedule harvests to ensure optimum yield and minimise post-harvest losses.
  • Sustainable farming practices: Promote sustainable agriculture through data-driven insights and recommendations.
  • Yield forecasting: Predict crop yields based on historical data and current conditions, facilitating better market planning. 

AgriTrace’s software solutions empower farmers to make informed decisions, optimise resource management, and ensure compliance with industry standards. By embracing digital transformation and implementing AgriTrace, farmers can enhance productivity, improve food safety, and contribute to a sustainable and transparent agricultural ecosystem.

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