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USS-HMS is a comprehensive hospital management system designed to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and improve administrative efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, USS-HMS empowers hospitals to manage their departments, patient records, billing, inventory, and more. This software suite applies to hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes, enabling them to deliver exceptional healthcare services.

Key Features:


The dashboard provides a holistic view of hospital performance, displaying key metrics such as total invoices, bills, payments, available beds, number of doctors, and patients. Administrators can access and manage all data within the system, including currencies and languages.

IPD (In-Patient Department):

The IPD module enables administrators to manage patient admissions and bed reservations efficiently. It includes comprehensive charge management for generating bills and ensuring accurate financial transactions. Admins, doctors, and receptionists can manage IPD data seamlessly.


Doctors can create detailed patient prescriptions, including header and footer notes and medication details such as dosage and medicines needed for treatment.

OPD (Out-Patient Department):

The OPD module is the patients’ first point of contact, facilitating patient records management. It consists of sub-modules to manage patient details effectively.


The billing module handles the financial aspects of patient care. Administrators can generate digital invoices, select patients, add discounts, and export invoices as PDF files.


The payments module manages all patient payments, allowing users to track received amounts and outstanding balances.



Employee Payrolls:

Admins or accountants can add and work salaries for various staff categories, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and receptionists. Users can access their salary details within the system.


Bed Management:

The bed management feature enables efficient management of bed types, adding beds, and assigning them to patients. A graphic view shows bed availability and designated beds for easy tracking and assignment.

Blood Bank:

The blood bank module helps maintain bloodstock inventory, manage blood donations, and issue blood to needy patients. Users can work blood bags, donors, assistance, and issues seamlessly.

Cases Management:

This module facilitates effective case management, coordinating and providing safe, timely, and patient-centred care. Case handlers can manage patient cases while admins oversee the overall process.



The services module includes insurance, packages, ambulance management, and doctors’ scheduling to ensure efficient service delivery.


The system generates information such as birth, investigation, death, and operation reports for accurate record-keeping and analysis.

Applicable Sector:

USS-HMS is designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes, including private hospitals, public healthcare institutions, and specialised clinics. It caters to the needs of administrators, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, receptionists, and accountants.

USS-HMS is a comprehensive hospital management system that empowers healthcare institutions to optimise their operations, improve patient care, and enhance administrative efficiency. With its various features, including patient management, billing, bed management, blood bank, and more, USS-HMS provides a holistic solution for hospitals to streamline their workflows and deliver exceptional healthcare services. By implementing USS-HMS, hospitals can enhance their overall performance, improve patient outcomes, and achieve operational excellence.

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