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Our LMS (Learning Management System)  is cutting-edge Educational Institution ERP Management Software designed to streamline and automate the operations of educational institutes. This web and mobile application system offers modules catering to educational institutions’ diverse needs. By leveraging the power of automation, LMS reduces costs, saves manual working hours, and improves communication between the school, teachers, and parents. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, LMS ensures a seamless management experience for educational institutes of all sizes.


Key Features:


Comprehensive Management Modules:

LMS offers various modules to manage various aspects of educational institutions. These include lesson planning, chat modules, student information, academics, study materials, fee collections, accounts, human resources, leave management, online examinations, homework, inventory, transportation, dormitories, reports, roles and permissions, and system settings. These modules cover essential functions such as attendance tracking, fee management, academic planning, and more.


Teacher Panel:

The teacher panel provides features like adding homework, evaluating reports, uploading content, managing assignments, study materials, and syllabuses, and communicating with students. It enables efficient student management, exam mark handling, and attendance tracking, enhancing teacher productivity.


Parent Panel:

Parents can access their children’s progress and interact with teachers through the parent panel. Features include viewing children’s marks, payment invoices, class routines, and teacher messaging. The parent panel facilitates effective communication and lets parents track their child’s attendance.


Student Panel:

The student panel empowers students by providing access to class routines, exam marks, attendance status, study materials, payment invoices, and teacher communication. This feature enhances student engagement and simplifies information retrieval.


LMS is a reliable and intuitive Educational Institution ERP Management Software that simplifies the management of educational institutes. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive management modules, and seamless communication channels, LMS automates processes, reduces costs, and improves efficiency. By implementing LMS, educational institutes can focus on what matters most – delivering quality education and nurturing students’ growth.

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