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Safe Livestock Monitoring Software is a cutting-edge software solution designed to revolutionise livestock fattening while ensuring safety, traceability, and optimal growth. Our comprehensive software suite empowers farmers in Bangladesh to streamline their operations, automate livestock growth tracking, and promote safe meat production. With advanced features and customisable options, Safe Livestock Monitoring Software is the ultimate tool for farmers seeking to enhance productivity, maximise profitability, and ensure consumer trust.

Key Features:

Safe Fattening Practices:

Safe Livestock Monitoring Software promotes safe livestock fattening by providing farmers with guidelines and best practices. It ensures the proper use of feed, medication, vaccination and growth-enhancing techniques to minimise health risks and produce safe and healthy meat.


Livestock Growth Tracking:

Our software automates the tracking and monitoring of livestock growth. Safe Livestock Monitoring Software enables farmers to analyse growth patterns, identify anomalies, and optimise feeding strategies for optimal weight gain and efficiency by capturing weight, nutrition, and health indicators.

Traceability and Quality Assurance:

Safe Livestock Monitoring Software ensures traceability throughout meat production. By implementing QR codes on meat packaging, consumers can easily access information about the source, health history, and safety measures taken during the fattening process. This transparency promotes trust and confidence in the meat’s quality and safety.

Financial Management:

Safe Livestock Monitoring Software includes financial management tools to assist farmers in budgeting and tracking expenses related to livestock fattening. It provides insights into cost projections, revenue estimation, and profit margins, enabling farmers to make informed financial decisions and maximise profitability.


Safe Livestock Monitoring Software is the ultimate solution for farmers in Bangladesh seeking safe and efficient livestock fattening practices. Secure Livestock Monitoring Software empowers farmers to optimise operations, produce safe meat, gain consumer trust, and achieve financial success by leveraging cutting-edge technology, traceability features, and financial management tools. Contact us today to explore how AgriFatten can transform your livestock fattening practices and drive your farming business to new heights.

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