Cloud Restaurant Management




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Our cloud restaurant management software is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize restaurant operations. From front-of-house management to back-office functions, our suite provides a centralized platform to enhance customer experiences, improve efficiency, and drive profitability for restaurants of all sizes.

Key Features

Point of sale (POS) system:

Efficiently manage orders, payments, and table allocations with our POS system. It offers features such as order taking, table management, menu customization, split billing, and integration with payment gateways. Streamline order processing, reduce errors, and improve table turnover. 


Online order and delivery management:

Expand your reach and offer convenient online ordering and shipping services with our suite of integrated online ordering platforms. Customers can easily browse menus, place orders, and track delivery status. Streamline your shipping operations with features like order allocation, real-time tracking, and optimized route planning. 


Table reservation system:

efficiently manage table reservations and improve customer satisfaction with our reservation system. Customers can book tables in advance, and restaurant staff can track availability, send automatic confirmations, and manage seating arrangements. Optimize table allocation and ensure a seamless dining experience. 


Inventory control:

Use our suite’s inventory management module to effectively manage inventory levels, track inventory movements, and streamline procurement processes. It offers raw material tracking, inventory alerts, supplier management, and automated ordering capabilities. Reduce food waste, ensure material availability, and optimize storage costs.  


Kitchen Display System (KDS):

Improve kitchen operations and communication with  KDS. Orders from the POS system are sent directly to the kitchen display, eliminating the need for paper tickets. Orders are more accurate, preparation time is reduced, and collaboration between the front desk and kitchen staff is improved. 


Human resource management and planning:

Streamline HR management with employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll features. Our suite helps you optimize staffing plans, track labour costs, and ensure efficient need-based staffing. 


Analysis and reporting:

Gain valuable insight into your restaurant’s performance with our suite’s analytics and reporting capabilities. Track sales trends, analyze customer behavior, and generate reports on key metrics such as revenue, food costs, and employee performance. Make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and increase profitability.  


Integration and Scalability:

Our restaurant management suite integrates seamlessly with other systems such as accounting software, online distribution platforms, and loyalty programs. It can be customized and extended to fit your restaurant’s specific needs. Our dedicated support team provides ongoing support and training. 


Security and Privacy:

We take restaurant data security and privacy very seriously. Our suite implements robust security measures such as data encryption, user access controls, and regular backups. Sensitive data is protected and complies with data protection regulations. 


Our restaurant management suite helps you streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and increase profitability. Contact us today to learn more about our suite and how it can transform your restaurant management process.

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