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Our Housing Allocation and Maintenance Management System is an intuitive and robust solution tailored to simplify and streamline the process of housing allocation and property maintenance. This state-of-the-art software streamlines apartment management and ensures efficient allocation, proactive maintenance, and seamless communication.

Key Features

Quota management:

Our software provides an efficient system for allocating homes to individuals or families based on set criteria. Maintain a comprehensive record of awards to ensure transparency and fairness. 

Maintenance tracking and planning:

Use our system to manage and track all maintenance activities. It provides an integrated platform for scheduling repairs, tracking progress, assigning maintenance tasks, and generating status reports. 

Tenant Communication Portal:

Our system includes an easy-to-use tenant communication portal that facilitates seamless communication between managers and residents. Residents can report maintenance issues, track the status of repair requests, and communicate directly with property managers. 


Automatic notification:

Stay informed with automatic notifications about upcoming maintenance tasks, pending quotas, rental renewals, and more. This ensures a quick response and avoids potential problems. 


Reporting and Analysis:

Gain detailed insight into allocations, maintenance activities, costs, and overall property performance using our software’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Use this data for strategic decision-making and operational optimization. 

Supplier management:

Effectively manage a network of maintenance service providers. Our software helps you track vendor performance, manage contracts, and streamline payment processes. 


The Housing Allocation and Maintenance System is your partner in efficient housing management. It seamlessly blends comfort, convenience, and control, making it an essential tool for modern home asset management. Contact us today to find out how our software can transform your property management business.

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