Poultry Traceability System




CSS, HTML, Laravel, React


The Native Chicken Development Project Data Management System is a software solution specially designed to increase the efficiency and success of domestic chicken development projects. This system includes tools and functions that facilitate the accurate collection, storage, analysis, and presentation of data related to chicken production, growth, productivity, health, and environmental conditions. Our software enables you to make informed decisions, streamline your processes, and improve the overall success of your poultry development projects.

Key Features

This feature allows you to monitor the productivity of each hen, including the egg production rate, giving you insights to improve productivity. 

Health tracking:

Our system monitors the health of each chicken in real-time and alerts you of any significant health changes to ensure optimal care. 

Log of environmental conditions:

This software records data on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and lighting to help maintain ideal conditions for chicken development. 


Data analysis and reporting:

These data analysis tools generate insightful reports on reproduction, growth, productivity, health, and environmental conditions to facilitate informed decision-making. 

Integration options:

The software integrates seamlessly with other management systems, providing an integrated platform for managing all aspects of your native chicken development project. Our native chicken development project data management system is key to the success and efficiency of your development project. Contact us today to learn more about this  software solution.

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