Smart Dairy 360 – Dairy Farm Management




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Smart Dairy 360 is a dairy farm management system designed to modernize and optimize dairy farms. This versatile software gives you a holistic view of your operations, streamlines your operations, and increases your productivity. With herd management, milking data tracking, feeding management, health monitoring, and analytics capabilities, it paves the way for increased efficiency, higher milk production, and improved animal welfare.


Key Features

Herd management:

Our software provides comprehensive tools for managing herd data. You can track breeding, milk production, and health data for each cow and add and remove animals as needed. 

Tracking milking data:

Use our software to effectively monitor your herd’s milk production. It documents the yield and quality of each individual animal, so you can identify trends and maximize productivity. 

Feeding management:

Our software helps you manage and optimize your herd’s nutrition. Track consumption, plan feeding schedules, and calculate nutrition needs to ensure cow health and productivity. 

Health monitoring:

Always monitor the health of your herd with advanced health monitoring features. Health change alerts, vaccination schedules, and veterinary visits ensure proactive care for your herd. 

Analysis and reporting:

Detailed reports and analytics provide valuable insight into dairy farm performance. Our software helps you make data-driven decisions to improve productivity and profitability.  

Integration options:

Smart Dairy 360 seamlessly integrates with your dairy’s existing systems to provide an integrated and efficient management platform.  


Experience the future of dairy farming with Smart Dairy 360. Contact us to learn more about how our software can transform your business and make your farm more productive and profitable.

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